Complaints procedure

1. Subject

1.1 This Complaints Procedure regulates the method of asserting customer claims arising from liability
accommodation provider for defects in the service provided (claims), including the conditions for claiming a breach of contract
on the tour/accommodation and their handling in accordance with Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code
and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection, as amended.
1.2 This Complaints Procedure applies to the services provided by the accommodation provider with the exception of claims arising from
arising from transport on the basis of domestic and foreign transport tickets, the application and handling of which
shall be governed by the applicable tariff and transport regulations of transport companies.

2. Making claims

2.1 The customer shall assert his/her rights under the liability for defects in the services provided by the accommodation provider at the establishment
of the accommodation provider (
the services complained of have been purchased, or at the place of the service provided by the guide, delegate or other
or other representative authorised by the accommodation provider.
2.2 The customer shall exercise the rights of liability for defects in goods or services sold in addition at any
the establishment of the travel agency that arranged the stay with the accommodation provider, i.e. at the establishment of the travel agency
the travel agency where the complained of goods/services were purchased, or at the accommodation provider's registered office.
2.3 The customer is obliged to file a claim in time without undue delay. Making a claim on the spot
the defect immediately, while the delay in time makes it more difficult to be conclusive and objective
assessment and thus the possibility of a proper settlement of the claim. The customer can make a claim in any way
form, stating the date, the subject of the complaint and the method of handling the complaint requested by the customer.
2.4 If the customer, through his own fault, fails to exercise his rights under the liability for defects in the services provided to
on the basis of a tour/accommodation contract, i.e. for a combination of services that has been prearranged, offered and sold
tourism services for an aggregate price, without undue delay, but at the latest within 1 month of
the end of the tour, the accommodation provider shall not grant the discount.
2.5 Liability rights for defects in the accommodation must also be exercised without undue delay, at the latest
within a period of 6 months at the latest. Liability rights in respect of goods sold as ancillary goods shall be extinguished if the
exercised within 24 months of the date of acceptance.
2.6 When making a claim, the customer is obliged to state the name, surname, address, what is the subject of the claim,
justify the complaint and, if possible, provide factual evidence of the subject of the complaint; at the same time
it is recommended to provide proof of the service provided, e.g. a copy of the order, invoice, confirmation of
This will facilitate the handling of the complaint.

3. Handling complaints

3.1 If the customer exercises a right of liability for defects in the services provided or already provided to him
has been provided, the representative of the accommodation provider, the tour guide, the manager of the travel agent's establishment after
the tour operator providing the services in question or another representative authorised by the travel agency shall, after the necessary
examination of the factual and legal circumstances, decide on the complaint immediately or, in complex cases, within three
working days. This time does not include the time required for a professional assessment of the defect. Complaints
must be settled without undue delay, at the latest within 30 days of the customer's complaint,
unless a longer period is agreed with the customer.
3.2 In the case of a verbal complaint (e.g. at the place of service), the representative shall
the accommodation provider's tour guide, delegate or other representative authorised by the travel agency to write to the
customer a complaint report or a confirmation of receipt of the complaint. In the protocol, he/she shall indicate when the customer
the complaint was made, the customer's personal details, what is the content of the complaint (subject of the complaint), what
the method of settlement of the complaint requested by the customer; and the date and method of settlement of the complaint. If
the customer gives the tour guide or the manager of the establishment or other authorised representative
the tour operator, the documents or other documents relating to the complaint or the goods complained of must
be explicitly stated in the protocol. The protocol or the acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint shall be signed by
by the tour guide or the manager of the establishment or another authorised representative of the travel agency.
The customer shall receive one copy of this document and confirm his agreement with its contents by signing it
and acceptance.
3.3 In the case of written complaints, the provisions of paragraph 3.2 shall apply mutatis mutandis to their content.

4. Customer's cooperation in handling complaints

4.1 The Customer is obliged to provide the necessary cooperation to settle the complaint, in particular to provide information,
to provide documents proving the facts, to specify the reason and amount of the claim, etc.
If the nature of the matter so requires, the customer must allow the tour guide or other person authorised by the travel agency
representative as well as a representative of the service provider, access to the area provided for his accommodation
etc., in order to satisfy themselves as to the validity of the claim.
4.2 In cases where the customer uses the services without the presence of a representative of the accommodation provider or travel agent
and the service provided is defective, the customer shall also be obliged to ensure that claims against
service providers in the country or abroad.

5. Methods of complaint handling

5.1 In cases where the complaint is judged to be justified in whole or in part, the settlement of the complaint shall consist of
by rectifying the defect free of charge or, where possible, by providing a replacement service or
replacement of the goods. Otherwise, the accommodation provider or intermediary travel agency shall grant a reasonable discount
from the price of the defective service.
5.2 In cases where the complaint is judged to be unfounded, the customer shall be informed in writing of the reasons
of the rejection of the complaint.
5.3 If circumstances arise, the occurrence, course and, if applicable, the consequence of which are not dependent on the will, action and procedure of the
of the accommodation provider or the travel agency (vis major) or circumstances which are on the customer's side, on the
which result in the customer not using the services of the accommodation provider ordered, paid for, in whole or in part, shall not give rise to
the customer shall not be entitled to a refund of the price paid or to a discount on the price.

6. Other provisions

Otherwise, the provisions of generally binding legal regulations, in particular the Civil Code and the Act
Consumer Protection Act, as amended.
In the event that a dispute arises, the customer has the right to out-of-court resolution of the consumer dispute; the subject matter competent body for out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes is the Czech Trade Inspection,

7. Final provisions

This Complaints Procedure comes into force and effect on 1.1.2016
In Žatec, on 1.1.2020

Aranka Kopecká
owner and managing director of the company