Cheap accommodation

Are you looking for a hotel, cheap accommodation, guesthouse, apartment or apartments for a great price near the triangle zone?

We also offer cheap accommodation in the center of Žatec from 350 CZK / person / night.

Companies will surely welcome long-term rental of a family house in the center of Žatec. Cheap accommodation for up to 20 people.

In the attic there is a very spacious apartment for up to 5 people, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, on the second floor there are two 2-bedded and one 1-bedded room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, on the first floor there is one 4-bedded and 3-bedded room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, on the ground floor there is a 2-bedded room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and entrance to the yard.

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Near the industrial zone Triangl

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Prices from 280 CZK / person / night.

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Accommodation for up to 20 people

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Accommodation in the city centre